Jazz Tour

The must tours of belgian jazz with an annual programming of nine anthologies.

Every season, from October to May, Les Lundis d'Hortense organises many concerts which highlights the richness and quality of a rapidly growing Belgian jazz scene. Thanks to the Jazz Tour, 9 different bands are selected every year to tour twenty or so jazz clubs and cultural centers throughout Brussels, Wallonia and the north of France. From year to year, the Jazz Tour grows bigger and livelier with more and more partners and concerts.


Vocal jazz, duo, quintet

Barbara Wiernik vocals, FX
Nicola Andrioli piano, keyboards, composer
Manuel Hermia saxophones, flutes except on 06/12 - duo
Nicolas Thys double bass except on 06/12 - duo
Antoine Pierre drums except on06/12 - duo

Wiernik-Andrioli offers melodic vocal jazz with a great emphasis on connivance. The brilliant guests in their quintet widen their colorful sound palette. "Complicity" generates luminous and whirling music.

Website www.barbarawiernik.com

CD ‘Complicity’ (Spinach Pie Records – 2016)

Modern Jazz, tradition, groove

Sal La Rocca double bass
Jeroen Van Herzeele tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Pascal Mohy Wurlitzer
Lieven Venken drums

Bassist Sal La Rocca's new album is full of groove and freedom. His modern jazz and transe-like sounds are touched by avant-gardism. Walloon and Flemish, Belgian and Italian, his band is a model of unity through diversity.

Website www.sallarocca.com

New CD ‘Shifted' (Igloo Records & el NEGOCITO Records - November 2018)



Swedish European Jazz

Mikael Godée (SE) saxophone
Eve Beuvens piano
Magnus Bergström (SE) double bass
Johan Birgenius (SE) drums

This Belgian-Swedish quartet takes us directly into the chore of an intimate and melodic jazz, where Eve Beuvens' poetry combines with Mikael Godée's nordic lyricism. The long-time musical partners are accompanied by a first-call Swedish rhythm section.

Website www.migod.se & www.evebeuvens.com

New CD ‘Looking forward’ (Igloo Records - February 2019)



Melodical Jazz

Diederik Wissels piano, synthesizer, loops
Nicolas Kummert
saxophone tenor
Thibault Dille
Victor Foulon
double bass

With his new project "Pasarela", Diederik Wissels brings us an intimate and impressionist piece which defines him. His compositions, moving and melancholy, always remain melodic. His music, with its myriads of poetic nuances, reaches a much wider audience than just jazz aficionados.

Website www.diederikwissels.be

CD ‘Pasarela’ (Igloo Records - 2017)

New video soon

Music here



Antoine Pierre drums
Jean-Paul Estiévenart
Bert Cools
guitar except on 07/04 Fréd Malempré percusion
Bram De Looze
piano except on 23 & 24/03 Fabian Fiorini
and 28 & 29/03 Jozef Dumoulin
Félix Zurstrassen
electric bass

Antoine Pierre, a staple of jazz in Belgium, is powerfully back with a second hypnotic album. His music, fed by the virtuosity and invention of the instrumentalists, is permeated by the communication and sharing of the soloists, to deliver pure moments of creative joy.

The tracks on the new release, "Sketches of Nowhere", mark a bold new step for Urbex: the atmosphere is more hypnotic. Bram Delooze’s acoustic piano melts into the electrifying effects of Bert Cools. Félix Zurstrassen is still the pillar of the group around which all the lines of force converge. But his bass riffs have become more groovy and lively, with the characteristic impacts of electronic music. Jean-Paul Estiévenart’s trumpet adds, once again, a stubborn and powerful dimension to the overall sound of the group. He offers the cries, tears and laughter of Antoine’s music.

The compositions of Sketches Of Nowhere are also more open: they are contained by the rhythm section and the harmonic focus, but leave plenty of room for change and global creativity as individual. They can be played in one hundred possible versions, according to the unfathomable and unpredictable parameters of the present moment. Volumes and dynamics are in perpetual motion; the group's cohesion is constantly put to the test in this triumphant exercise of listening and feeling. The public attends moments of pure creation that transcend the custom of the solo to make it collective ... 

Website www.antoinepierremusic.com

New CD ‘Sketches Of Nowhere’ (Igloo Records - May 2018)

Video here

Music here




Peter Delannoye trombone
Toni Vitacolonna
drums, soundscapes
Steven Delannoye
David Thomaere
Janos Bruneel
double bass, electric bass

The musicians in DelVita, sound magicians, are presenting their second album. Inspired by Radiohead, Wayne Shorter, Kurt Rosenwinkel and electronic music, their repertoire goes beyond the jazz confines to deliver an eclectic jazz, a unique and explosive sound.

The Belgian band DelVita is known for infusing their acoustic sound with the skank and energy of electronic music, while still using jazz as a get-out clause. The result is unlike anything you’ve heard before. In this project, the soundbrewing brothers are entering a new kosmos. Their carefully crafted compositions strive for an interesting mix of upbeat alt-rock while at the same time keeping a slow sonic intensity that recalls Radiohead. Their music is inspired by Wayne Shorter and relies on concepts developed by their former collaborator Kurt Rosenwinkel. This makes for an explosive style that doesn’t shy away from intimate and minimalistic moments. From raving acoustic beats to nuanced ensemble-playing, the brothers were able to create a unique soundscape varying from giant scenery to the smallest microcosm.

Website www.delvitagroup.com

New CD ‘Abyss’ (Autoproduction / Outhere Distribution - May 2018)

Video here

Music here



Fred Delplancq saxophone
Vincent Bruyninckx piano
Giuseppe Millaci contrabas
Toon Van Dionant drums

After a ten-year long hyatus, saxophonist Fred Delplancq is back with his new album "Horizons", a personal opus, enriched by a touching "Letting go". His quartet develops a bewitching energy and powerful sound. To discover (all over again)!

Website www.jazzinbelgium.com/person/fred.delplancq

CD ‘Horizons’ (Hypnote Records - November 2017)

Video here

Music here



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