Antoine Pierre Urbex quintet

Antoine Pierre batterie
Jean-Paul Estiévenart trompette
Bert Cools guitare
Fabian Fiorini piano
Félix Zurstrassen basse électrique

Antoine Pierre, a staple of jazz in Belgium, is powerfully back with a second hypnotic album. The tracks on the new release, "Sketches of Nowhere", mark a bold new step for Urbex: the atmosphere is more hypnotic. Bram Delooze’s acoustic piano melts into the electrifying effects of Bert Cools. Félix Zurstrassen is still the pillar of the group around which all the lines of force converge. But his bass riffs have become more groovy and lively, with the characteristic impacts of electronic music. Jean-Paul Estiévenart’s trumpet adds, once again, a stubborn and powerful dimension to the overall sound of the group. He offers the cries, tears and laughter of Antoine’s music. The compositions of Sketches Of Nowhere are also more open: they are contained by the rhythm section and the harmonic focus, but leave plenty of room for change and global creativity as individual. His music, fed by the virtuosity and invention of the instrumentalists, is permeated by the communication and sharing of the soloists, to deliver pure moments of creative joy.


New CD ‘Sketches Of Nowhere’ (Igloo Records - April 2018)

On tour from 20/03 to 30/04/2019

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Event Date 22-03-2019 20:30
Location L'Atelier(s)

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