Les Lundis d'Hortense

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Jazz au Vert

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Introductory and advanced jazz course
This residential course takes place in the lush setting of la Marlagne at the Centre Culturel Marcel Hicter, near Namur. There is a unique spirit at this course which completely immerses you in the world of jazz, bringing a musical enrichment that is stimulating and lasting. Every year, around 130 people take part, demonstrating the worth of this total jazz experience…

>>> EDITION 2014 : FROM 20 UNTIL 26 july 2014 incluDED <<<


EDITION 2014 : From 20 until 26 july included

Professors :
Fabrice Alleman - Ben Sluijs - Daniel Stokart : saxophones, flute, clarinet
Ron Van Rossum - Ivan Paduart: piano
Peter Hertmans - Jacques Pirotton: guitar 
Théo De Jong (NL) : electric bass
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse : double bass
Bruno Castellucci - Jan De Haas : drums
Richard Rousselet : horns, big band
Phil Abraham : trombone
Kristina Fuchs (CH) : vocals
Désiré Somé (Burkina Faso) : african music
Alexandre Furnelle : harmony, rhythm

Download our registration form to complete - .PDF (in French)

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