Convivial evening sessions are essential to create and improvise around the repertoire of standards.

Welcome to music lovers and to experienced and curious instrumentalists of all kinds!

Since the birth of jazz, jam sessions have brought together music lovers, skilled improvisers and neophytes steered by sheer curiosity. These sessions, which allow musicians to share, create and improvise around the vast repertoire of jazz standards, are an essential keystone of the history of jazz. As one of the pioneering cities of jazz in Europe, Brussels has always been the home of a lively tradition of nocturnal and festive jam sessions… It’s time to be part of it ! Bring your instrument, and if you’re not a musician, open your ears and be ready to discover the many facets of a musical style that never stops reinventing itself !

How does it work ?

Bring your own instrument and let yourself be guided! On site, a piano, drums, bass and guitar amp and voice amplification.

Phone : 02 219 58 51
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Practical information

The jam sessions take place every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Admission is FREE.

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