Presentation of the album “Session53” (Autoproduction, 06.2021)

With three experienced musicians on board, this trio, since its beginnings, has worked as a laboratory, where each member is free to express themselves fully, improvizing, composing and developing their own musicality. Unconditional standard lovers, Pascal, Quentin and Sam regularly meet at L’An Vert in Liège, where they explore the emblematic formula of the piano-double-bass-drums jazz trio. Each concert or session is the perfect opportunity for piano and guitar to find a common ground and ways to dialogue with one another (rhythmically, harmonically, melodically). The absence of drums does not deprive the music of swing and the trio’s first album is a testament to this. Pascal Mohy’s phrasing works wonders, Quentin Liégeois’ riffs sparkle and Sam Gerstmans’ pulse stirs up excitement. Without ever imitating the great old, the trio reveal the very essence of   immortal themes. A jubilation.