© Roger Vantilt

Steve Houben, Diederik Wissels et Jan de Haas nous replongent au cœur d’un projet qui avait ravi les oreilles d’amateurs de belles mélodies ciselées et raffinées, il y a plus de trente ans. Le temps a passé et la musique n’a fait que bonifier.

Steve Houben, Diederik Wissels and Jan de Haas plunge us right back into a project that, well over thirty years ago, had ravished the ears of all melody lovers. Time has gone by and the music has only gotten better. This trio proposes a muffled, almost whispered, jazz. The chiseled and refined melodies take the time they need to stretch, almost like layers of transparent veils on a sun kissed terrace. Take a seat, get a flavorful tea and enjoy the ride. You’ll feel Eastern light breezes on your skin or the salty air of imaginary fjords in your hair. Inspired by classical music and ECM-like European jazz, the trio exchanges ideas as if in a philosophical conversation in which dreaming of a better world is allowed. It is soft and refined, to be consumed without moderation.