© Jacky Lepage

New album in the making

Already a little more than 20 years ago, the Belgian jazz scene lost an exceptional figure: violinist  Jean-Pierre Catoul. This flamboyant musician left his mark on jazz, chanson française, world and rock music. During his short career, he most notably worked with pianists Charles Loos and Pirly Zurstrassen, as well as guitarist Peter Hertmans. An artist who knew no borders, he directed Led Zeppelin’s string quartet, and also accompanied chanson française artists such as William Sheller, Barbara or Alain Souchon. Twenty years later, fellow and friend pianist Charles Loos pays him homage with a spectacular bowed string instrument trio (violin – alto – cello) accompanied by an accordionist. On tap for this unprecedented evening: compositions by Jean-Pierre Catoul as well as compositions dedicated to him.