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New album “Music Might Help” (04.2023)

Hailing from Europe’s far corners, these five musicians have known each other since when they attended Conservatory. In their shared flat in Maastricht, they met after classes to jam and create new music projects. Magic was almost immediately set in motion and ALIGAGA was born in 2014. Since their first encounters, as an ensemble, they’ve been seeking the path towards a free kind of music where doubts, tolerance and paradoxes find their place and nestle in it. Sound and rhythm explorers, the melodies they create are eclectic, as attested by the five albums they’ve recorded to this day. In their new project Music Might Help, they make us rekindle with their deep sense of research where each musician’s experiences, perceptions and perspectives nourishes creation and hands us an album that, like a puzzle, blooms into a cinematographic arborescence sparkling with spontaneity, voices, pulsing energies, colors and creativity.