© Bruno Pradez

Presentation of the album “ONE” (MaineCoon Records, 09.2021)

Sounds regulars remember this well: BAM! Trio’s first concerts took place with us in 2017. It was in Ixelles, in this mythical place of Belgian jazz, that the trio started experimenting and exploring new textures and colors around a unique instrument: the Hammond organ. Although influenced by three indisputable masters of the guitar-Hammond-drums formula (Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings and Bill Stewart) the members of BAM! Trio have made it their mission to produce spontaneous and natural music, with personal sounds imbued with rock’n’roll, gospel or more contemporary jazz. Their first album “ONE”, released in September 2021, is both a collection of original compositions and a tribute to jazz tradition as, indeed, the three musketeers never forget their love for standards!