Quality isn’t about age, they say. It’s first and foremost passion that moves Eliott Knuets, and allows him to navigate jazz with class and ease. Elliot is barely 20, and yet, he has already played with the likes of Wynton Marsalis, Aaron Parks, and Stéphane Guillaume. He’s also already got an album under his belt. And, since its inception in 2000, this project has grown, in depth, density, assurance… a guitar player nowhere near ready to settle down. It’s got to be said, Eliott likes sharing, communicating. On stage, he’s comfortable. Which makes him take all kinds of risks, and leads to nice surprises. In the lineage of legend guitar players, starting with Kenny Burrell, Knuets injects jolts of Monk or Coltrane, but, above everything, he imposes his vision and style. Playing along excellent musicians who also happen to be faithful friends who reassure him as much as push him, Eliott dazzles with virtuosity and simplicity. His music swings, grooves, improvises, opens up spaces. In short, it’s jazz. Don’t miss this young talent before he moves on to bigger European and world stages. Not to be missed.