© Delphine Gilson

After playing as a sideman for ten years in numerous projects (Urbex, LG Jazz Collective, Fabrizio Cassol Conference of the Birds or Typh Barrow, among others), bassist Félix Zurstrassen has finally released his first album, “Nova”, under his own name. Surrounded by Nelson Veras, Antoine Pierre and Ben van Gelder, he delivers a music full of sincerity and humanism.

Félix Zurstrassen is a lover of melodies that can evolve and wave over time. He is like the tree that grows adapting to the seasons. With his project « Nova », the electric bassist has prepared a fertile ground which allows each of the musicians who accompany him to reveal the best of themselves. He surrounded himself with Franco-Brazilian guitarist Nelson Verras, to whom he left plenty of space to develop his very particular playing, and saxophonist Ben Van Gelder, invited to breathe new life into the compositions. And of course, he can also count on the always inventive and abundant drumming of Antoine Pierre. Félix Zurstrassen’s music finds its roots as much into the earth as in the stars. Indeed, he has nurtured it from different influences that range from Steve Coleman to Brad Mehldau. It mixes the cerebral and the feeling, the strength and the softness, the roots and the unspeakable in a way. Felix is at the crossroads between complex jazz (like we can describe a rich wine), more contemplative music (like a land in rest that regenerates itself) and a lighter, fresh and shiny jazz (like an airstream). A Félix Zurstrassen concert must be experienced like when we contemplate a landscape that changes to the rhythm of the wind, the sun and the clouds. At the rhythm of life.