Jean de Peña

Hélène Duret Synestet is a call to the senses, where the perception of music becomes a mix of colours, shapes and smells. These five musicians fond of improvisation, with their thirst for playfulness and desire for musical expression, were brought together by clarinettist Hélène Duret to create original compositions. This unprecedented encounter of musicians creates a liberated form of music, extolling the virtues of simplicity, inventiveness, whilst highlighting the improvisational talents of its creators. At the crossroads of jazz and contemporary music, we can find an infusion of the spirits of Jimmy Giuffre, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Colemann, Duke Ellington, Jakob Bro, but above all, Benjamin Sauzereau, Sylvain Debasieux, Maxime Rouayroux, Caporali, and Hélène Duret.