© Maël G. Lagadec

Love, ah, love! Love makes the world go round. And the themes that have sung its praises are, in jazz and elsewhere, endless. This trio, formed by Manu Hermia, Pascal Mohy and Sam Gerstmans, only needed to gather those to create a beautiful bouquet that lands in our lap. But it could almost feel too short, if it didn’t come with a declaration. So Manuel Hermia doesn’t hesitate to speak a few words before letting delicate notes do the rest. That’s how you learn a little bit more about those who fall in love too easily, or whose eyes shine under the starlight… This trio gifts us with universal stories, full of elegance, and the honesty that makes them unique. No love story is like another.
Tenderly, lyrically, the piano sustains the tenor’s fragile and sensuous breath, along the bass’s beats that sound like a heart ready to tick off. For sure, they’ll make you melt.