© Kris Dewitte

As an essential trumpeter of the Belgian scene, Jean-Paul Estiévenart has earned a heck of a reputation. Insatiable and eternal dissatisfied, he never hesitates to question himself. With his new quintet, he recorded a fabulous album, “Strange Bird”, praised by all the international press (he also received the Music Octave) which he presents on stage this year. Unmissable!

Attending a Jean-Paul Estiévenart concert is like taking part in a truth-telling game. the trumpet player uses the scene, where he really feels at home, to throw out all of his feelings : his rage, his happiness, his indignations, his reflexions. the rambling conversation between the five musicians is uncompromising, idea exchanges come from all sides and are fervently debated. Jean-Paul Estiévenart added a piano (Nicola Andrioli) and a guitar (Romain Pilon) to the initial trio : two harmonic instruments, as if to soften knives that are too sharp. But don’t worry, the intensity is still present because there are many ways to deliver strong messages. When it comes to this, Estiévenart never hides. By using Great Black Music fundamentals, the trumpet player and his friends, never short of ideas or arguments, bring everything back to a really contemporary, completely up to date jazz. Estiévenart defends his conception of life, of human relations and feelings. Everything is truthful about him. So it’s itchy, it tickles, it caresses… but most of all, it awakens all the senses.