© Didier Péron & Robert Hansenne

Julien Marga and Nicolas Puma met on the benches of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. After Nicolas Puma made several replacements in Julien Marga’s tentet, the two musicians realized that their musical universes were close, yet very different. A few years later, the two friends found a quartet called Rahona, which recorded in February 2020 a first album under the label Homerecord. Following all the musical residencies and the series of live concerts to prepare the album of Rahona, the two musicians got closer even more, musically and on a personal level. They then decided to form a duo in which everyone could express themselves fully by revealing their personality with intimacy. Through this duo, the two acolytes take you through a repertoire of original compositions but also covers. This double-sided music takes you to sweet and heady melodies, composed of rich harmonies sometimes finding their roots in pop, rock or jazz music while seeking surprising and puzzling sound textures, like a space-time stretching out to give way to a journey through multiple countries.