© Elia Fragione

Album presentation “ARCO” (Igloo Records, 08.2021)

After a first album as a quintet hailed by critics and rewarded with an “Octave de la Musique” in 2017 (the “Grammy’s“ of the music industry in Belgium), Lorenzo Di Maio decided to present a double bass-drums-guitar classic formula to which he joined a string quartet: the UFO ensemble (Ultra Foniiki Orchestra). The association of a guitar trio and strings gives Lorenzo’s music a combination of immensely rich colors and sound textures, where the great variations of nuances force him to find a new balance between all the palettes offered by each string instrument.
For this new trip, he decided to rely on the groove and creativity of drummer Antoine Pierre as well as on the deep and virtuoso playing of double bass player Sam Gerstmans. They are both musicians with whom he shares a common vision of music: lyrical and energetic at the same time. The music of the trio is inspired by the eclectic influences of Lorenzo Di Maio which range from blues to a certain idea of European jazz. As for the UFO ensemble, the quartet’s arrangements are masterfully composed by pianist Fabian Fiorini, and give the pieces a melodic yet unpredictable character, while enriching the album with the influences of a second composer.
The band, embellished with the poetry of its performers, unveils a repertoire with contrasting atmospheres, which create a bridge between the acoustic purity of the strings and the electric atmospheres of the guitar.