© Vincent Blairon

Martin Salemi surprised everyone when he released his first record “Short Stories”. With his new trio (Boris Schmidt and Daniel Jonkers) and before the recording of a next album, the pianist offers us intense music with catchy melodies ranging from swing to ballads, while combining the influences of a resolutely jazz modern.

Beneath his nonchalant and tongue-in-cheek air, pianist Martin Salemi takes his trio, with temperament, to the heart of music that sees big. Salemi has a sense of storytelling and has the arguments to convince everyone to follow him. He can indeed count on a tight and cohesive rhythm (Boris Schmidt on double bass and Daniel Jonkers on drums) which is also, without a doubt, one of the secrets of this success. Because it is really a question of dialogues here, of exchanges, of points of view, especially about freedom. With Martin Salemi, you almost always know where you’re coming from (a bossa touch, a touch of Middle East, a hint of pop and swing everywhere), but you never really know where you’re going. The pianist likes to take the opposite view, not to be where he is expected. This is what makes his music varied and very personal. Our three musicians install playfully chiseled melodies and make the most of harmonies and breaths. And then it explodes, like an overflow, like a sudden and irrepressible excitement. Then we smile even more. And we stamp our feet. This jazz is a breath of fresh air and constant happiness, both in lively and more introspective moments. It’s just fun to share. Why deprive yourself of it?