© Luiza Rauleac

Time has stopped. Take a break, don’t rush anything. Imagine yourself lying in the grass watching a microcosm stir slowly. Mario Ganau, the Sardinian pianist and Mathieu Robert the Belgian saxophonist, take you on a motionless, intimate and minimalist journey. A journey between silences and melodies which allows time for wandering. The balance is perfect. The duo’s music is as delicate as a veil of fabric that floats in the breeze. The piano could evoke the lapping of water while the sax seems to twirl like a butterfly. You are navigating between lyricism and onirism. And you feel good. Do you feel that shiver that runs down your spine, that gives you goosebumps, that almost immerses you in a sweetish melancholy? Do you taste this chamber jazz that swings gently? So here you are with your eyes half closed, to better hear the delicate nuances of this inspired and inspiring music. Everything is movement, everything is movement in lightness. And you only ask one thing: to extend the trip.