© Bjorn Comhaire

What is more important in a voice-piano duo? The piano or the voice? Both, of course. Especially when they blend so well. And especially when Natashia Kelly’s voice meets Nicola Andrioli’s keys. The strength of their encounter became evident during the recording of the singer’s last album (quintet). Nastashia and Nicola discovered a unique alchemy, a very personal sound and one-of-a-kind discourse. They make us travel beyond jazz, stroll alongside their melodies, both sober and spirited, in a folk tainted with Celtic accents and inspired pop ballads. The slightly grained voice, almost held back, yet so sensitive, is the perfect partner to the pianist’s inventive notes. This duo tells us about life stories. They offer reflexions about our feelings and behaviors, especially those we can’t control, and where emotions take over. Two is better than one, they say. That much is clear with Natashia and Nicola on stage.

“ All things have disappeared from me.
I can only recognize the sky.
Blanketed by darkness and bathed by light.
I lie flat beneath it. “

Last CD:
‘Dear Darkening Ground’ (W.E.R.F. Records, 01.2023)