© Cédric Raymond

Cédric Raymond (double bass) and Pauline Leblond (trumpet) have been playing together for several years in a varied repertoire. It sometimes happens that Cédric plays the piano or the guitar and Pauline the bugle or with mutes. Most of the time, they are found alongside the drummer Matthias De Waele, in the Pauline Leblond Trio. In their repertoire, they quickly started playing standards, whether jazz or bossa, both types of music in which they are deployed in together. If these songs were obvious for them, they also like to express themselves in other repertoires: from New Orleans to funk passing by tunes of popular musics, the duet can experience a great freedom and a lot of space, as it is just the two of them. It is in this sense that the duo has evolved, in a singular complicity. Between them, we hear a permanent dialogue focusing sometimes the rhythmic aspect of the instruments, sometimes the timbres, sometimes the harmonic and melodic colors. The brassy sound of the trumpet and the flugelhorn and the warmth of the double bass are intimately linked. What we notice is their search for sound and a sense of melody. Cédric Raymond and Pauline Leblond are proud to invite you on their journey and hope it will enchant you.