© Clement Szczuczynski

There is something wild in Théo Zipper’s music, but rest assured, it’s in the direction of “nature” that it is directed. This quintet defends the freedom, beauty and lushness of our good old planet more than its wildness. Through compositions that are as evocative as they are enigmatic, they make us discover unaltered lands and landscapes. This music has cinematographic qualities, depth. It is filled with images. The electric bass player – and leader – has the gift to unroll a soft, at times moving, undulating carpet, on which soloists let beautiful melodies grow. The pure and brilliant, at times lyrical trumpet and the nervous, at times cheeky sax go hand in hand with the piano that taints everything with fresh colors. They’ll make you want to lie down in a freshly mowed grass patch, take in the perfume and stare at the changing sky. Jazz, like nature, has surprises in store for us, it’s your turn to discover them.