© Alexander Popelier

ODIL is a jazz and improvised music multiform band from Brussels. With a wide range of influences (Jim Black, Tim Berne, Steve Lehman, Carla Bley) and the energy of a rock band, their music reaches a wide audience, from improvised music lovers to fans of wild riffs. The band has released three albums: Something (QFTF, 2016), RESON feat. Leila Martial, Valentin Ceccaldi (QFTF, 2018) and Unheimlich feat. Nina Kortekaas (W.E.R.F. records, 2023).
This new album was born of Camille-Alban’s passion for the Beat generation authors. Sublimated by the voice of singer Nina Kortekaas (Noa Lee), poems by Allen Ginsberg are set to music, notably ‘White Shroud’ and ‘Pull My Daisy’ (a veritable symbolic anthem of the movement, co-written by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady). The lyrics that Camille-Alban himself wrote for the rest of the album exude the same beatnik ambience.

ALBUM : ‘Unheimlich’ (W.E.R.F. records, 09.2023)