A day to celebrate jazz, its roots and influence

On 30 April, the whole world celebrates jazz

In November 2011, legendary pianist Herbie Hancock and Unesco launched the International Jazz Day. This day aims to bring together communities, schools, musicians of all styles and ages from around the world to celebrate jazz, its roots and influence. Recognized as one of the key aspects of humankind’s cultural heritage, this music promotes peace, respect for human rights and human dignity. In its various forms, jazz embodies cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue between artists and communities.

Our programme

April 30 is a great opportunity for us to promote Belgian jazz and defend music synonymous with freedom, sharing and adventure. From the start, we have been celebrating International Jazz Day by organizing different original activities in Brussels every year.

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Concerts and events in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders

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Les Midis d’Hortense

A unique opportunity to discover artists in an intimate setting.

Les Soirs d’Hortense

Jazz concerts across Brussels, all year round.

The Jazz Tour

Tours of nine different groups each year in many jazz clubs and venues in Brussels and Wallonia

Jazz au Vert

From July 18 to 24, 2021, enjoy a unique week-long musical experience in a green setting

Le Jazz d’Hortense

Concerts, album releases, interviews … Le Jazz d'Hortense keeps you informed about the activities of Le Lundis d’Hortense and the latest news on Belgian jazz.

The Jazz in Belgium website

The bible of Belgian jazz available online!

Brussels Jazz Weekend

Free concerts throughout Brussels!