A network of cultural partners for Belgian jazz

The objective of the dissemination network put in place by the non-profit association is to efficiently and sustainably structure and support the dissemination of Belgian jazz. This issue is at the heart of the missions that the non-profit association Les Lundis d’Hortense pursues in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

A support system for dissemination

We focus our selection on identifying quality projects that we believe it is appropriate to follow so as to ensure their promotion and dissemination. The system is open to all Belgian jazz musicians or those residing in Belgium. The selection is made through the blind listening of the submitted projects and a vote by the Board of Directors and the partner venues.

Actions undertaken with artists and partner venues

For the artistic projects selected by the non-profit association, tailor-made support on dissemination issues, support for public appearances at international festivals or trade fairs. For the programming structures that host the selected projects, we provide financial, organizational and promotional support to the partner venues.

Our network of venues makes it possible to efficiently and sustainably support the dissemination of Belgian jazz throughout the country.

Partner venues

Our network of partner venues hosts jazz concerts all year round.