Tours of nine different groups each year in many jazz clubs and venues in Brussels and Wallonia

The cream of the blue note in Belgium

The Jazz Tour is an eclectic panel of the latest and bestest in French-speaking Belgium, selected blindly by some 40 expert ears and in accordance with the musical direction of the venue. New albums being presented, musicians who have made Belgian jazz, those who are making it and those who will make it!
Is that all? No way, José! The Jazz Tour is synonymous with comfortable listening, a pampered audience and respected musicians. It means bringing jazz to places where it is in short supply and also helping those who make jazz all year round in the most modest places or courageous cultural centres that choose to offer their audience local, quality music. For more than 40 years, Les Lundis d’Hortense has been offering the cream of the blue note in Belgium. The Jazz Tour is one of its key activities. Let yourself be surprised!

From October 2019 to May 2020

More than 70 concerts

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The Jazz Tour artists

Igor Gehenot Cursiv

Two years after the release of Delta – the first album of the quartet led by pianist Igor Gehenot and flugelhorn player Alex Tassel, hailed by the 2018 Octave de la Musique Award – the group is back with a brand new repertoire

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Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue trio

Giuseppe, bass player, and Lionel, drummer, have known each other for over 10 years, and the alchemy that they immediately felt has never wavered since. Their encounter with Amaury, pianist, at a jam session only amplified this dynamic.

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Free Four

When two trios become a quartet, music can only get better. Free Four is the name of this ensemble that beautifully summarizes the spirit of the jazz they offer.

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Steve Houben – Jan de Haas – Diederik Wissels « Arkhane »

Steve Houben, Diederik Wissels et Jan de Haas nous replongent au cœur d’un projet qui avait ravi les oreilles d’amateurs de belles mélodies ciselées et raffinées, il y a plus de trente ans. Le temps a passé et la musique n’a fait que bonifier.

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Les Midis d’Hortense

A unique opportunity to discover artists in an intimate setting.

Les Soirs d’Hortense

Jazz concerts across Brussels, all year round.

La Jam d’Hortense

Convivial evening sessions are essential to create and improvise around the repertoire of standards.

Jazz au Vert

A week-long camp in a green setting to introduce you to jazz or to perfect your skills.

Le Jazz d’Hortense

Concerts, album releases, interviews … Le Jazz d'Hortense keeps you informed about the activities of Le Lundis d’Hortense and the latest news on Belgian jazz.

The Jazz in Belgium website

The bible of Belgian jazz available online!

International Jazz Day

A day to celebrate jazz, its roots and influence!

Brussels Jazz Weekend

More than 100 free concerts throughout Brussels!