The trio formed by Manu Codjia, Lieven Venken and Giuseppe Millaci takes us into an electric and sensitive universe, brilliantly carried by a joyful group energy.
At the crossroads of jazz and rock, this album is the fruit of mixed horizons, blending the talents of three exceptional soloists;
Giuseppe Millaci, a hyperactive double-bass player of considerable talent whose productions have given new impetus to the Belgian jazz scene in recent years, confirms his prowess as a musician, composer and producer on this album.Fellow musician Lieven Venken, a multi-instrumentalist with an unstoppable rhythmic drive, exploits his ease to create a jubilant movement that blends with the electric riffs and dazzling solos of Manu Codjia, the multi award-winning chameleon guitarist (Django de la guitare in France in 2007, 1st soloist prize at the Concours national de jazz de la Défense in France in 1999).

‘Phases’ (Hypnote Records, 10. 2021)