© Laurent Brabant

Jazz comes to life at the crossing of paths and the sharing of moments. Guitarist Henri Greindl and pianist Charles Loos have crossed paths countless times, and often shared moments. Here they are, together again, alongside two other talented musicians who share their vision: at the drums, Jan De Haas, and, at the saxes, Daniel Stokart. Through personal compositions by the pianist and guitarist, Jatoba quartet blend bossa, jazz, ballads and tango. Both lyrical and poetical, light and exhilarated, their music is at times evocative, at times rousing. Let yourself be rocked by the tender melodies distilled by Charles Loos’s volatile piano and magnified by Daniel Stokart’s flute, soprano and alto. You’ll find yourself under changing skies, hopping on green meadows, watching colored birds. You’ll also be tempted to snap your fingers, beat the tempo or, why not, get those hips moving along Jan De Haas’s subtly burning rhythm, or the gentle sound of Henri Greindl’s agile bass… Don’t hesitate. This refined and elegant cocktail calls for sipping without restraint.