© Valentine Jamis

After a first album that seduced press and audience alike, Wajdi Riahi’s trio comes back with this new repertoire. With apparent oriental nuances, find a full on contemporary jazz at work here. Of course, the trio’s unique blend brings home their singularity and unique taste. Complicity between the bass player (Basile Rahola), the drummer (Pierre Hurty) and the pianist is evident. With them, you don’t know anymore on which side of the Atlantic you stand, which Northern European or Middle Eastern shore you’ve washed up on. Your nostrils filled with iodine, and sweet perfumes, you’ll feel like there’s a party about to erupt at any moment. The music takes over. The pianist’s fingers race down the keys, drums and bass impose a unique groove… and then it calms down. It catches its breath, oxygen flows again and stars ring in our ears. If traveling fills us with emotions, then so does jazz.

NEW ALBUM : ‘Essia’ (Fresh Sound New Talent, 01.12.2023)